The guideline aims to provide basic information and knowledge about Digital Transformation (DX) for organizations and businesses in Vietnam: What is DX? How effective? Where to start? What resources are needed? And especially which DX solutions are being effectively applied and deployed for each industry and each field?

  1. Publication information
  • Officially released at:

Vietnam DX  Day 2021 (Vietnam DX Day)

3000+ Delegates from organizations and businesses

  • Introduced to Ministries, Sectors and provincial/municipal People’s Committees
  • Referred to the relevant professional associations to transfer to businesses
  • Online version: Can be downloaded from the event website: https://dxday.vinasa.org.vn
  1. Specification of the guideline
  • Dimension: 210mm x 280mm,
  • Cover page: Colored and frosted printed, Couche 250 paper
  • Inner page: colored, couche matt 80
  • Introduction of business or DX solution(s) page: ½ page
  • Advertisement: 1 Page
  1. Content:

3.1 Information, basic knowledge about DX

  • What is DX?
  • How effective is DX?
  • How does DX differ from applying IT?
  • Where should DX start, how much time and resource does it take?
  • How to do in DX?
  • Which steps to do in DX?
  • What are the concerning matters when DX?

3.2 Introduction of effective DX solutions for each industry and field:

(There will be a half of page for each solution with such information: name, logo, website, contact information of suppliers and DX solutions)

  • DX solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • DX solutions for Industrial Manufacturing
  • DX solutions for Transportation – Logistics Services
  • DX solutions for Agriculture
  • DX solutions for Healthcare
  • DX solutions for Finance – Banking
  • DX solutions for Education
  • DX solutions for Tech-Startups
  • DX solutions for Natural Resource – Environment
  • DX solutions for Energy

3.3 Introduction of businesses providing common DX solutions in Vietnam

  1. Fee:
a. Introduction of DX Solutions, Enterprises (1/2 page) VND 4,000,000
b. Advertising page (01 page, designed by enterprises) VND 8,000,000

Only for VINASA members, VJC and Sao Khue Award 2021, TOP 10 ICT companies 2021

VND 3,000,000 / ½ intro page

VND 6,000,000/ 01 ad page

* Payment document: VINASA receipt

  1. Details and registration for participation
  • Register at:
  • Contact person: Ms. Cao Anh Hang, Mobile: 0974298786, email: hangca@vinasa.org.vn